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Lunes, Mayo 28, 2012

BARBIE the Murderer? !!

Photo credits from: Guys, have you seen these pictures?
It's so creepy and I dont think barbie is still suitable for young ones in my own opinion

Martes, Mayo 1, 2012

Linggo, Abril 29, 2012


Oh my! Its the first day of Starbucks HAppy Hour Half price Frappuccino!! Yes you've read it right! I cant wait to get one every monday :) Promo runs from April 30 to May 28,2012 from 2pm to 6pm. ENJOY YOUR COFFEE :)

Huwebes, Abril 26, 2012


One of my officemates told me to try this new coffee of kopiko, so I was curious to try this product since Im a coffee addict. It's not a usual black coffee that you buy in the market.I just noticed that only few are selling cappuccinos in the market. So for today I will try this new cappuccino made by kopiko.
And for the final result :) Really Love the taste and the foam on the top of it. Plus it comes with a tiny sachet of powdered chocolate to sprinkle on the top of it. It's like having a coffee at the coffee shop.
How bout you, what's your fave coffee?

Linggo, Abril 22, 2012


I decided to have my haircut done @Davids Salon near my office. Im actually having a second thought trying a cut with BANGS or just a trim lang,anyway my hair still short. I made decision after seeking advices from the stylist. IT WAS A FULL BANGS!!!! hahaha.. but it turned out not so good on the shape of my face.. but atleast I know now what hairstyle to try next time ..
I just brushed it off on side..

Martes, Abril 17, 2012

Its been months since my last purchased of shoes from mall. This time need a new one. Im actually looking for wedge shoes. But unfortunately I dont have much time checking out stores in malls. Last saturday my hubby and I decided to stop over near NLEX SHELL to have lunch .I saw this store that sells liliw shoes and bags. I was undecided to buy but when I saw this cute pair of Wedge I know I wouldnt have to think twice on buying it..It's so cute and so IN nowadys. :) Here's the shots I got while waiting for my size :)
I'll post pictures wearing it on my next post ..